Distributional range expansion of the parasitic wasp Lirata batesella (Westwood, 1874) (Hymenoptera, Eucharitidae)





ant parasitoids, Brazilian woodland savanna, Chalcidoidea, Estação Ecológica de Jataí, Eucharitinae


This study is focused on the expansion of the distributional range of Lirata batesella (Westwood, 1874) (Hymenoptera, Eucharitidae) and based on a single female specimen deposited at Coleção Entomológica do Laboratório de Sistemática e Bioecologia de Predadores e Parasitoides of the Instituto Biológico, in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo state, Brazil. Santarém, in Pará state, Brazil, the type locality, is the only known distribution record for the species. Here, we provide a new distribution record for L. batesella, in Luiz Antônio, São Paulo state, about 2,200 km south of the type locality, which represents a significant increase in its distribution range. A map showing the geographical distribution of L. batesella based on the new record and literature is provided.


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